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Top Picks For February

Here is what I have been loving this month:


For Organization: Organization is something I am not the best at. I have been trying my best to stay super organized this year. Here are some things that have helped me improved my organization skills:

  1. Erin Condren Planner- I love this planner. I am using the academic one which is so perfect. Not only does this planner have places to put all your work for the week, but it also has places to write your priorities for the day. I love this so much because I am so much more productive when I split big tasks down which this planner allows me to do. They have the cutest planners, and they all can be customized. Here is their website:

2. Also for organization, I have been loving little containers from the container store. When all my stuff is a mess, it stresses me out more. These little containers are so nice and are so easy to keep your stuff organized with. Here are the containers I have:


My Fav Podcasts of the Month:

  1. Both of these podcasts are so authentic and have so many good tips.

  2. I Have ADHD Podcast:

  3. ADHD for Smart Ass Women:


Fav New Supplies:

Over Winter Break, I learned how to do calligraphy. I ordered some more calligraphy pens recently in more colors and love them. I couldn't find the exact ones I have, but I linked very similar ones from the same brand. They are also double sided. This link is an affiliate link. However, I truly loves these pens:


Fav Tips for Dealing With Stress:

  1. Working Out: I have been working out a few times a week. After working out, I feel so much more less stressed. I have been working out through the peleton app. I have the hardest time working out without having someone tell me what to do. This is why I like peleton because they have instructors telling you exactly what you should be doing.

  2. Meditation: My last blog was about this and how beneficial it is. It is so relaxing and a short thing I can do that calms me down. My last blog goes into further depth about the benefits of meditation.

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