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Titles are a big part of my notes. A good title can draw the eye away from the little mistakes made or bad handwriting. They are also my favorite and the most fun part of my notes. They make me look forward to finishing my work even when I am getting bored of what I'm working on. I have included below some notes I have made mistakes on. However, a good title can fix this.


Basic Title

Rank: Easy and Quick

These titles are the easiest because you just have to write your title in your normal handwriting. I usually for these titles just write my title across the top and sometimes out stretch it onto the second line. Sometimes if I have time, I like to over trace it with a black pen on top and/or add lines, stars, or hearts around it as shown below. Overall, this title is so quick and one of the most easy to make.


Bubble Title

Rank: Medium and Somewhat Quick

These titles are so fun to make and always turn out looking so good. These also aren't that I hard. I write these by writing normally and then curving the edges of each letter. I like to add the same side decorations as the ones above.


Calligraphy Titles

Rank: Medium-Hard and Quick

Before I learned how to do calligraphy, I thought it was so complicated, and something I was never gonna be able to figure out. However, over winter break, I decided to learn. It is actually not that hard once you learn the basics and if you already know cursive which I had learned in school. I will attach some links to vids at the end if you don't know how to. With some practice, it becomes really easy and quick to do. Calligraphy really adds to your notes.



  • I love looking through pinterest to find new things to add to my notes or get some inspo. Here is my pinterest where I post my notes and pin other cool notes so be sure to follow:

  • Here are a calligraphy how-to vid:


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