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Starting 2021 Out Strong

2020 has been a long year filled with some ups and a lot of downs. There is really nothing we could do to change the course of how the year went. However, we can plan for a better new year. Here are some of my tips for starting the second semester strong


New semester means new supplies. Honestly, there is nothing better than getting new stuff to ring in a new beginning. I have already made a blog post about my favorite supplies. However, over this entire semester, I have added a few new things to my list.

These are the markers I make a majority of my notes out of. They are the perfect size because they aren't too big and not too small:

Recently, I have been using two different pens to do my notes. I use a regular less drippy pen when regularly writing. However, when it is easier to use a pen with a finer tip and has a more inky finish, when writing my titles and subtitles (when I use a pen over a marker) I use a pen with a more ink and thin tip.

Here is the regular pen I use:

I couldn't find the exact pen I use to write over marker, but this is a similar one:

I always write my study notes in spiral notebooks. I like to have a notebook for each subject. Because of this, I like to buy my notebooks. Below I have included both notebooks in packs and single notebooks with a variety of different colors:

I like to use a graph paper notebook for math like these:

The last essential thing that I have been using a lot is a planner. I got an academic Erin Condren planner for Hanukkah. I love it because you can list the goals you want to complete for the day, and it has a place where you can list out the specific times assignments are due. My ADHD can make it harder to stay on top of all my assignments. However, when I have a good planner, it makes me feel less stressed out and overwhelmed. The Erin Condren website has so many different types of planners, and almost all of them you can customize.

Here is the website I got my planner from:

The planner I use is a little more on the expensive side so these are some good alternatives:


The second semester is when people tend to slack off. However, grades still do count. I feel like by the second semester you have truly gotten to know your teachers and how they grade (except if you are doing school online). This is really something that can work in your favor if you let it. If you got points off on a test because you didn't do something that your teacher wanted to do, change how you answer your questions in the second semester. Usually, my grades are the best in the second semester because I have taken the time to adapt how I test and study to the way that works best for each teacher.


I am usually not the person who makes New Years Resolutions and sticks with them. However, I really want to work out more in 2021. I've read a lot about how it can make people with ADHD feel more focused. There is no harm in giving it a try. I am going to try to fit some kind of workout either into my everyday schedule or do it every other day. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback about this I would love to know! Also, if anyone wants to hear how it goes let me know!


Thanks for the constant support,


*I make commision off of the amazon links. However, these products are truly my holy grails.

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