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Utilizing Your ADHD

Sometimes I get really down on myself when I can't focus. Why is this taking me so long? Why can't I do this? Having ADHD can be frustrating. However, I've learned to live with it and turn it around to a benefit in my life.

Something that I have noticed having ADHD is that I tend to be very creative. I am very good at divergent thinking and coming up with new ideas. I notice that I always think differently than my peers. This can be annoying until you find a way to turn your thinking into a strength. For example, when it comes to choosing a topic for an English essay, I really push myself to come up with an idea that differs from everyone else. When I come up with new and different ideas, I truly thrive and also do my best in those essays.

Also, my creativity from my ADHD is shown in my notes. Each one is unique and I love coming up with different ways to format my titles and my notes in order to keep myself interested.

I always like trying new hobbies that bring out my creativity. I love making bracelets, embroidering shirts, making collages, and making dessert boards. All these things really push my creativity and get me to think in new ways. One reason I particularly like making collages is because with ADHD I feel like my brain is an organized mess and doing these things make me feel like I'm portraying that in a fun way.

This website is another way I show my creativity. I love doing my email lists, social posts, and finding new ways to format my website and add to it. Leave in the comments below how you express your creativity :)

Some articles about ADHD and Creativity:

Article one about ADHD and Creativity and NIH research about ADHD and Creativity

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