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My Favorite Supplies

You can't make notes without supplies. Here are some of my favorite supplies

In class, I write regular notes in my binder, but when reviewing I like to have a separate notebook or journal to rewrite my notes in. Furthermore, I like to have an individual notebook for each class. These are great because they have so many pages and don't easily fall apart: You can buy those notebooks in packs making it easier to order multiple. However, for math I don't like to use a normal lined paper notebook. I prefer to use a notebook filled with graph paper. This makes it so easy to draw graphs that I need to practice or memorize. Here is the link to my favorite graph paper notebook:

I have tried so many different markers for my notes. Therefore, I think these do the best job: These come in a pack of 50 which gives you so many different options color wise. They are absolute best tip size for these notes.

The last thing needed is a writing utensil: a pen. Truly any black pen works. I like to find a pen with a thinner tip and has ink that doesn't bleed

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