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Is Meditation What is Missing From Your Life?

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

I heard about the positive effects of meditation and tried it over the summer. However, it is something I just recently started incorporating into my daily routine. On school days, I have been doing one before bed, and I have been setting my alarm 10 minutes early to do one as I wake up. I have been going to bed at night and been able to get out of bed so much quicker when I do this. I have really enjoyed doing this because it is such a relaxing way to end and start my day. If you didn't know meditation can help with stress, anxiety, focus, dealing with pain, and strengthening your memory (I am not a scientist, so none of the studies behind this are mine. I have included some links to articles about the benefits of meditation below). Because of its positive effect on productivity especially for people with ADHD, I tried a 3 minute meditation on focus and attention a few days ago. I was more productive and actually got a lot more done than I expected to do that day. I think it was because I was able to clear my mind which helped decrease the amount of random thoughts that distract my focus. There are so many different meditation videos on YouTube that help with a bunch of different things and vary in length (the ones I have been doing have been 2-15 minutes). I will link some different ones at the bottom. Overall, I think squeezing a few minutes of meditation into your day can be very beneficial, and I have really enjoyed having it in mine.

Articles About the Benefits of Meditation

Some Meditations to Try

  1. For Sleep




  5. To Wake Up



  8. For Focus

  9. (this is the 3 minute meditation I mentioned earlier)


  11. For Stress


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