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How Beneficial Is Exercise For Your Mental Health?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

This year, I have been trying to incorporate working out into my weekly schedule. Working out has never been my thing. However, I have really grown to enjoy and even look forward to my workouts. I always feel so proud of myself when I push myself hard in a workout and feel so amazing after. I compiled some research into this blog about the positive effects of exercise on your mental health.


Benefits: Exercise has been proven to help with ADHD and anxiety symptoms. Working out increases neurotransmitters that are low in people with ADHD. For some it can be used instead of medication. For me, it definitely the effects of exercise haven't been significant enough to replace medication. However, after I work out, my mood is better and I feel ready to get back to work. It is a really nice study break for the weekends and a really good habit to partake in.

Sources and Important Resources:


What Workouts Work Out For ADHD: A lot of the websites I found when doing research have stated that aerobic exercise (biking, running, etc) if the best for monitoring ADHD symptoms. I have been doing cycling and love it.

Sources and Important Resources:


I love doing blogs like these where I try out new tricks and review them. If yall have anymore skills that benefit ADHD or anything yall want me to talk about use my contact page on my menu!




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